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Tran 2;#2 n;e;n;e;enter;#2 w;#3 n;out;#3 d;sd;e;ne;n;open door;enter;

#2 e;#5 n;w;n;nd;#2 ne;n;w;nw;open door;enter;pull book;nd;k suzerain

打贏後take key

su;out;se;e;s;#2 sw;su;s;e;#5 s;#3 e;nu;n;wd;n;unlock door;push brick;w

先回內力,take sword(mob出現),killallmob,打死mob,take sword;e;out;s;eu;s;sd;revolve statue;sd;s;wu;w;s

然後就可離開(其實take sword第二次就解完了,但迷宮中不能move或recall,所以我才寫出離開迷宮方法,懶得走的話可以第二次take sword後就quit,就不必走了)


by wayne

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